TC & Vizzing Space with Irene Diomi

10min read Happy New Year everyone! Welcome to the first feature of 2023. In this edition, I interview brand new Tableau Visionary, Tableau Public Ambassador, 4x VOTD recipient and the Data Superstar herself, Irene Diomi. Irene joins me to chat about her first time presenting at the Tableau Conference, her beautifully whimsical 'Women in Space'… Continue reading TC & Vizzing Space with Irene Diomi

Personal Vizzing & Community Projects with Jessica Moon

11min read This month, I am pleased to feature Jessica Moon on she will viz. Jessica is a newly minted Tableau Public Ambassador, three times Tableau Public Viz of the Day recipient, regular contributor to your favourite Tableau Community projects and co-author of the epic #datafam project viz on Tableau Public.  I am always in… Continue reading Personal Vizzing & Community Projects with Jessica Moon

Community & Captain Planet with Nicole Klassen

10min read I am extremely honoured to share my conversation with my first guest on she will viz. Without Nicole Klassen, she will viz may not have been born, so it was only fitting that I share Nicole‚Äôs story. Nicole Klassen is co-lead for #EduVizzers, #DataFamCon and the Feedback Loop, and a firm datafam favourite.… Continue reading Community & Captain Planet with Nicole Klassen